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Who Are We.

Luxury Tours of Australia is a high end luxury travel provider based in Australia with Sales branches globally.


Our clients are individuals, couples and families from Australia and around the world that seek an exclusive travel experience staying at luxury accommodations.

Our Approach.

We are an exclusive travel company with select clientele and the majority of our business is by word of mouth or returning clients.

We concentrate on delivering bespoke private luxury tours of Australia; generally travelling by private jet and other private charter aircraft and including transfers and scenic flights by helicopter as well as activities including luxury boat charters, sailing and other experiences. Specialising in the high end luxury market, we arrange for accommodations in exclusive luxury villas and lodges.


We have a selection of packaged Luxury Tours that are designed to maximise the Australian experience for our clients in the allocated timeframe. We also specialise in bespoke Luxury Tours so feel free to contact us to discuss your own, privately designed Tour of one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Expedite Australia.

Expedite Australia is one of our most popular tours for busy professional and celebrities on a timeframe. If you only have 7 nights in Australia and want the Ultimate in Luxury but also want to make sure you see the sights then Expedite Australia will ensure you tick all the boxes. Travelling by Private Jet and staying in exclusive accommodation, this tour takes in the wonders of Australia that you must see, in Seven Nights.
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Great Southern Land.

The South of Australia is an absolutely beautiful place to travel and particularly during the summer months when the north of Australia is very hot and wet. Get to Australia in summer, and have a great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful beaches, islands and outback of Southern Australia.

This adventure is best done in our Luxurious Turboprop for access into the islands and remote airstrips. Don't be fooled by the propellers, it is still Jet powered, and even more spacious than similar size light jets.
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North via North West.

The North of Australia is magical and there is no better way to see it than travelling via private jet. This tour will take you to Ayers Rock, the Kimberly in the North West and onto Kakadu and Arnhem Land before spending some time at the Great Barrier Reef and some of the most luxurious and private Islands in the world.
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The Great Australian Weekender.

This tour is very popular with people visiting Sydney on business and only having a spare weekend to get to the must see sights. Australia is a big Country and the only way to experience the sites and luxury in a weekend is by Private Jet.

Leaving Friday afternoon, you will see the wilderness of Kangaroo Island, the beauty of Ayers Rock and spend an afternoon on the Barrier reef, all this and you will back in bed in Sydney on Sunday Night.
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A Hopping good weekend.

This tour appeals to Sydney siders looking for a weekend experience to be remembered. Register your interest and we will arrange for a chartered aircraft for a group from Sydney to Kangaroo Island for the weekend.

Leaving on Friday afternoon and returning Sunday night this direct flight and accommodation on Kangaroo Island will be an experience you will remember.
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Our tour organisers have experience in Aviation as pilots and tour operators and know how to select the best aircraft and operator for your bespoke or group tour. Our aircraft include private jets, turboprops, and helicopters ranging in size from small to large to suit the requirements of our clients. All aircraft used by Luxury Tours are audited by our staff including an audit of the operator and pilots at regular intervals.


Our light and medium jets are perfect for getting around the major attractions in Australia. They range in size from 4 passenger seats such as the Citation Mustang and Phenom 100 through to the larger passenger carrying Citations and Embraer Jets. Our light jets are able to operate into smaller regional airports giving closer access to sights of Australia and of course avoiding security checks.
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Twin Engine Turboprops.

Don’t be fooled by the propeller, Turboprop aircraft are Jet powered and are often have larger cabins and are just as luxurious as Jet Fan Aircraft. And the best thing about the turboprops, they can go into far more airstrips around Australia including dirt and grass strips on cattle stations and islands. For a truly authentic Australian tour, with plenty of space to through your gear and relax, it is hard to beat the versatility of a large Beechcraft turboprop.
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